Our Strategic Advantage

Doing Good by Doing Right

All governmental affairs firms can provide similar services. What separates us from the other firms is our ability to provide cost-effective services. We do not bill by the hour or for administrative tasks. This assists the client with budget issues because they know, without surprise, the cost of the services provided by us.

We are a principal firm. This means that for every aspect of a client’s project the work will be completed by at least one of the firm’s principals.

We have a wealth of experience in nonprofit issues. We have worked effectively with other nonprofit organizations and are well-qualified to assist you in positioning your organization at the forefront of ongoing Congressional, Administration, and societal debates about your issues of importance.

Our guiding principle: The Chopper Test. The Chopper Test is a test established by our President when he said “I should be able to look my nephew Chopper (his nickname for his nephew Matt) in the eye and tell him what kind of clients we have or what kind of work we’re doing. This should be the first hurdle any prospective client should have to clear.”

We only represents organizations that are promoting the public good. We could be much more profitable if we represented larger, better capitalized organizations, but this would not pass the Chopper Test and it is not what we are about. We believe it is better to do good than do well.