Strategic Planning

For an organization to meet its goals, it must first realize what those goals are, and if it possesses the capacity to meet the goals. We work with clients to ensure that all departments of an organization are working together towards the overall organizational objectives.

All too often, nonprofit organizations and small start-up for-profit businesses lack the staff or monetary resources to have a solid departmental structure. These organizations are very adept at living on a shoestring budget and flying by the seat of their pants.

We realize these organizations have different constraints than larger organizations, but this should not prevent them from having a solid business plan. These organizations will not have the corporate structure or culture of a larger for-profit business, or even larger nonprofit organizations, but this fact does not prevent them from having a workable and manageable strategic plan.

We work with its clients to ensure that all departments and activities are working together. Much like a jigsaw puzzle can only be put together one way, an organization’s strategic plan can only come together one way to ensure that the objectives are obtainable.

In designing a strategic plan, we will:

  • Review and analyze the client’s financial statements to identify strengths and weaknesses and possibly additional revenue sources;
  • review and analyze the client’s current marketing plans and offering recommendations to augment the plan to take advantage of the client’s unique position in the marketplace;
  • the designing of a governmental/legislative affairs strategy and agenda to increase the client’s profile with decision makers, and to place the client at the forefront of its marketplace;
  • the designing of a fundraising strategy to attract additional supporters to the client; and
  • the designing of a press and media strategy to allow for increased name recognition, public profile, and identification of the client with current and additional markets and clients.

After the design of the strategic plan, we work with the client’s staff to explain their role as a stakeholder in the implementation of the plan. This is accomplished through:

  • Periodic goals and targets for each department, thus allowing them to continually monitor their progress in meeting their overall goals;
  • planning sessions with each department affected to describe how the goals of the strategic plan can be achieved;
  • planning sessions with each department to describe their role in the overall success of the client;
  • coordination between all departments to further facilitate the client’s ability to meet its organizational-wide goals; and
  • ongoing assistance to ensure that all aspects of the strategic plan are implemented and the goals are met.